Celebrities bust out 'da big bucks for Egypt

Published July 9th, 2013 - 11:21 GMT
A difference in opinion: Ghada Abdel Raziq and Ahmed El Sakka. (Image: Facebook)
A difference in opinion: Ghada Abdel Raziq and Ahmed El Sakka. (Image: Facebook)

Egyptian stars are not only showing their support for their country through national songs, but by busting out big bucks too!

Actors Ahmed El Sakka and Ghada Abdel Raziq backed Egyptian celebs who donated towards the “Daem Maser” (Supporting Egypt) Fund, which aims to revive the country's economy.

The two appeared on Khayri Ramadan's “Mumkin (Possible) show on CBC TV through a conference call.

Although both actors commended the act of kindness, they disagreed on one small thing: revealing the donation's sum.

In the telephone interview, Ahmed was against disclosing the amount of money donated, saying:

“Greetings Arab Republic of Egypt. Allow me not to reveal the amount I'll be donating, just so people won't accuse me of trying to show off and being macho. I advise all celebrities and VIPs not to reveal their donated sums. I believe that organizations should be able to reveal what they donated, and in the end the matter is up to them. This is merely my advice to you.”

As for Ghada's telephone interview, well, it went completely the opposite way! The actress said:

“Congratulations to Egypt and thank God it has returned to us. I just wanted to say to the army that I knew you wouldn't give up on us, and you would stand by our nation. I want to donate to Egypt and want to reveal the amount I will be giving, because this way I will encourage others to donate too.”

“I will be donating one million Egyptian pounds, in addition, every two or three months I will be donating a chunk of my salary towards the fund. I cannot be stingy towards my country and if it needed anything from me I will never hesitate to help it, for what we're doig now will go down in history,” she added.

Following the telephone interviews, all kinds of public figures, from celebrities to other VIPs, threw down some serious cash towards the fund.

Actor Mohammad Subhi donated 50 thousand Egyptian pounds, while actor Ahmed Helmy vowed to donate the entire wage of his upcoming film to the fund. Meanwhile, actress Layla Elwi donated 10 thousand US dollars while many other stars made similar donations.

Discretion or big announcement? Which method do you think is better for celebrity donations?

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