Chloe Ferry Claims She 'Doesn't Give a F**k' About her 'Liposuction' Bruises

Published August 11th, 2018 - 08:17 GMT
(Chloe Ferry/ Instagram)
(Chloe Ferry/ Instagram)

She left fans concerned after displaying 'liposuction' bruises on her thighs in a series of swimwear selfies posted on Thursday.

But Chloe Ferry continued to brush off the negativity as she defiantly posted a sizzling snap of herself in a revealing bikini a day later. 

The 22-year-old Geordie Shore star flaunted her surgically-enhanced cleavage and flat stomach in a printed halterneck number in the sultry Instagram shot.

Clearly growing tired of her critics, she captioned the snap: 'Looking for a f**k to give.'  

It comes after her followers voiced their concern over the bruises on Chloe's hips and derriere - which are believed to be from a recent 'liposuction' procedure. 

Chloe took the opportunity to blast those who had criticised her of late and penned: 'Keep coming with the negative comments #bullies,' while sharing a crying with laughter emoji.

Unfazed by what her 'haters' may think, Chloe confidently posed in a scanty two-piece that struggled to contain her surgically enhanced bust and teased a look at her taut stomach.  

While many fans were quick to compliment Chloe on her poolside appearance, they were quick to notice the starlet's bruises around her hips and upper thigh. 

Many questioned how Chloe had ended up so bruised, with some suggesting it was due to recent cosmetic work. They penned: 'Why dose she have so many bruises???

'This is vile, you was once naturally beautiful! You have destroyed yourself and there is now no going back! And it’s not hating, it’s the truth!

'Not hating just asking a genuine question. Is that a hole under your left butt cheek?

'Still bruised from the latest surgery. It’s sad u feel the need to mutilate urself in order to try and stop trolls when in reality people are always gonna hate. Do YOUR thing and f**k everyone else, your beautiful, just own it.'

Others suggested the bruises could have been from Chloe falling over - the reality star is yet to comment on them herself, but according to The Sun they are a result of 'liposuction' Chloe had in a bid for her frame to rival Kim Kardashian.

It's reported she had fat removed from her thighs and injected into her bottom. 

A source told the paper: 'Chloe can’t sit down because of the pain she’s in.

'She’s told friends how she is still really swollen from the procedure and struggling but she’s already really happy with the results so it was all worth it.

'Chloe had liposuction on her stomach and thighs to tackle areas she wanted smoothing out.'  

MailOnline have contacted a representative for Chloe Ferry for comment. 

Chloe's defiant post appeared to be a bid to silence those that had been trolling the beauty over her appearance. Given the comments posted on her latest holiday snaps, it seems Chloe has been subjected to much negativity regarding her frame.  

Some fans hit out at Chloe's choice to have plastic surgery and claimed she was 'giving out unrealistic expectations to young girls'. However, many other fans were quick to jump to her defence and insisted Chloe has the right to do what she wants with her body. 

They urged the MTV starlet to 'ignore' the haters and admired her 'gorgeous' bikini-clad figure, with one fan penning: 'Another load of negative haters. Its starting to get boring! Let’s put this out there. He life! Her body! Her money! Why is it so important for you to even care what she does, she’s happy. Believe me if I had the money I be doing the same.'

Chloe has openly spoken of her cosmetic work in the past, which includes two nose jobs and two boob jobs, and has said she doesn't like 'the natural look'. 

Speaking to MailOnline in 2016, she confessed: 'I feel like I look a lot better now. I don't like natural. When I see before and after pictures I think I've changed so much. When I see pictures from when I first went to Geordie Shore, I think: "Woah. Was I that ugly?" I wasn't gorgeous!'

In April, earlier this year, Chloe revealed she has spent over £50,000 on cosmetic surgery and is still hoping to have more work done in the future, despite her vow not to after being left in pain from her second nose job, telling new! magazine: 'I just love injections and getting filler, to be honest.'


The beauty has indulged in both lip and chin fillers, eyebrow-lift injections, veneers, and Botox, and her co-star boyfriend Sam Gowland champions her love for surgery, as he insists he 'loves the fake look' too. 

In an interview with The Sun, Chloe explained she is very much of the mindset, 'if you don't like something about yourself, get it changed'. She told the paper: 'Before Geordie Shore I could never afford to get anything changed so now I've got the money I'll do whatever makes me happy.'

She was recently seen praising the results of her second boob job and referring to her hourglass frame, the beauty insisted there is 'nothing better than a skinnier waist.' 

Chloe has been starring on MTV hit Geordie Shore since 2015, making her debut on the show's 10th series alongside BFF Nathan Henry. 

Boyfriend Sam joined the show last year, following his successful stint on ITV2 dating show Love Island and striking up a romance with Chloe, the pair have now been dating for 10 months. 

Gushing about his co-star love, Sam spoke of Chloe in an interview with Heat in June: 'Good looking face. Her face and her a**e. Her a**e is huge. And the boobs, yeah. She’s got a mint body – out of every girl I’ve been with, she’s got the best body and face.’


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