Chris Martin, you NEED to see what this Egyptian woman is offering you!

Published September 11th, 2016 - 07:14 GMT
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. (
Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. (

I absolutely love the Egyptian internet. Social media users can be vile, but sometimes, just sometimes, they’re adorable, positive and dreamy. They simply leave your face beaming with a smile after you’re done reading their statuses. 

Egyptian artist, Amal Salah, just wrote Chris Martin the best note ever and I’m so freakin’ jealous I didn’t think of this first (probably because I’m not an artist). A Facebook status that is nothing but Coldplay lyrics is making its way through the Internet faster than you can say scream Yellow.

The artist and founder of Shuffle Designs has a dream, and it’s basically drawing a huge portrait of Martin, and have it displayed at one of their concerts. Salah promises that the portrait will be different, just like Martin because he’s “a sky full of stars.” Oh my God! I’m so jealous, I seriously can’t. I swear if this goes viral and he somehow reaches out to her, I will write him statuses every day.

By Dina Hashish

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