Dancer in Damascus pays respect to victims of the Syria war by teaching orphans ballet

Published August 14th, 2016 - 08:53 GMT
Ahmed teaches orphans ballet in Damascus. (Facebook)
Ahmed teaches orphans ballet in Damascus. (Facebook)

Despite the large number of Syrians who have fled their war torn country, many remain, those whom either lack the means to escape, or merely have no intention of leaving. These people are survivors who have lost family members right in front of their eyes. They’ve seen their homes and schools go up in flames. Many of them live in rubble and ruins of what once was the greatest of Arab countries, a country that had always been part of history’s unforgettable empires. Adults and children have had to put on a brave face, ignore their emotions, and dry out their eyes from tears in order to deal with such a massive loss. But if we’ve learned anything from history class, it’s that stories are always remembered. 

One of the most recent and memorable of stories from Syria is that of a dance teacher named Ahmad who has been working with orphaned children in Damascus. Through dancing, they have found ways to express themselves, a place to escape the havoc and socialize, and opportunities to relieve themselves through their talents. It’s therapeutic in every way possible. Yet, I’m sure no amount of therapy and distraction is enough to assure you that you’ll make it through the night, but it’s a shot at keeping the hope alive. Or maybe like Ahmad says, it’s just a way to, “Feel free, inside the jail.”

By Souad Lazkani

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