Demet Özdemir Comments on Claimed Drama With Sister Derya Özdemir

Published September 15th, 2021 - 07:31 GMT
Demet Özdemir Derya Ozdemir sorunlu ilişki kız kardeşler wedding drama not attending düğün draması katılmamak

Derya Özdemir, the older sister of famous Turkish actress Demet Özdemir, has tied the knot to Yalçın Kale last month.

Demet Özdemir's absence from her sister's wedding did not go unnoticed.

Although it was reported that the Erkenci Kuş star could not attend the wedding because she was shooting Çeşme (Fountain), it was claimed that the two siblings were at odds at that time.

Even though the wedding had taken place a month ago, sisters-in-trouble rumors continues in the media until today, prompting Demet to put an end to the circulating news by making an official statement.

The famous actress responded with a photo to the allegations that she was at clash with her sister.

In the photo, Demet and Derya held hands next to a pool, and the actress wrote:

'I have a very, very good relationship with my sister. Why do I have to make this statement? Think about it…'

Demet Özdemir Derya Ozdemir sorunlu ilişki kız kardeşler

Derya and Demet Already Published This Photo Days After the Wedding

The photo chosen by the actress to silence the rumors is not seen for the first time. Both the star and her sister (who has shared Demet's story on her profile) uploaded this image (and several more) to their social media accounts days after Derya's wedding, which was held on August 9 in Istanbul.

The commented absence of the actress on such an important day put her in a difficult situation in front of her fans, who wondered where she was and why she had not attended the wedding.

At that moment, the Özdemir sisters decided to clarify the situation by posing together and dedicating beautiful messages declaring their deep love for each other. "I love you, sis," wrote the actress.

Who Is Demet Özdemir's Older Sister, Derya Özdemir?

Derya Özdemir, the older sister of actress Demet Özdemir, was born in a small town in İzmit. She met Turkish comedian Mehmet Ali Erbil when he came to Istanbul as a spectator of "Çarkıfelek".

After registering with Neşe Erbek's agency, she got her first offer and moved to Istanbul. Then she started shooting for covers of magazines. After that an offer came for Mustafa Sandal's "Isyankar" clip.

Demet Özdemir had said the following about her sister in an interview: “When our parents got divorced, my sister became the man of the house. Even though she didn't make a lot of money, she got me into college. My sister was doing both, magazine shoots and dancing to look after us. One day she fell in love and got married in a flash.”

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