Joke’s on you, Hani! Comedian actor got a funny surprise from Diana Karazon

Published April 18th, 2013 - 09:51 GMT
Who's the comedian now? Diana Karazon guests on 'Tonight with Hani'
Who's the comedian now? Diana Karazon guests on 'Tonight with Hani'

Diana Karazon turned comedian on the set of ‘Tonight with Hani’. This time the joke was on Hani Ramzi when he opened a surprise gift from the Jordanian singer during this week’s episode on MBC Egypt.  

Diana arrived on the set with a huge box for Hani that made him and everyone in the audience wonder what could be in inside. When the box was finally opened a black pair of shoes was the last thing he expected to find. His look of disappointment changed to laughter when he discovered that the shoes weren’t even his size!

It turns out that Diana was hoping to dance with Hani to the song “Buhairat Al Baja”, according to, and she knew he would need a pair of such shoes. If only they weren’t too small!

They may not have had their special dance, but Hani still had fun with his Jordanian guest and captured the funny moment in a pic with her, holding up the quirky shoes.

During the episode, Diana sang a number of songs and let it slip that she prefers dark, handsome men rather than fair skinned ones, despite her own pale reflection.

Did Diana mean the shoes to be such a joke? What do you think?

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