Dita Von Teese: #MeToo is an 'Important Conversation' But Needs Time

Published March 23rd, 2019 - 06:31 GMT
Dita Von Teese is performing her "Strip Strip Hooray" show back in New York. (AFP)
Dita Von Teese is performing her "Strip Strip Hooray" show back in New York. (AFP)

Dita Von Teese says the #MeToo movement is an "important conversation."

The 46-year-old burlesque dancer says it's "about time" people were able to talk about their experiences with sexual assault, as she says the ongoing conversation surrounding the movement - which encourages those affected by harassment to share their stories - is showing people "how flawed we are".

She said: "It's about time we are able to open up and talk about it. I think a lot of good men didn't really realise what it's like to be a woman.

"We all have these experiences of being preyed upon throughout life. We're watching so many things unfold, whether it's the big takedowns we've seen of men, but we're also watching women be exposed for bad behaviour as well.

"It's an important conversation but it's also ultimately about how flawed we are and how we wield sexual power in different ways."

Dita doesn't have any "dramatic stories" about sexual harassment herself, but has said she often felt "very preyed upon by older men" whilst she was in her teenage years.

She added: "I think about when I was a teenager or pre-teen, feeling very preyed upon by older men because you're like, 'Oh, why are these men always coming for me like that?'

"I think it's most complicated for young people. In my career, as an adult, I've walked away from deals and opportunities because I was not willing to play the game. That's happened to me a lot, but I don't have any dramatic stories."

And the dancer says she's always been good at walking away from situations which could turn nasty, even when it might cost her "some decent opportunities."

Speaking to Gay Times magazine, she said: "It's always been, 'Oh I'm walking away from this. I'm not willing to pretend to be somebody's girlfriend, I'm not going to a romantic dinner, I'm not going to meet you for drinks'.

"I have probably lost some decent opportunities because I'm not good at playing the game, but I always find that when one door closes, another one opens."

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