DuPont Water Solutions Features Jaden Smith, Matt Damon in Brave Blue World

Published November 12th, 2020 - 09:00 GMT
Don't forget to check out Brave Blue World on Netflix
Don't forget to check out Brave Blue World on Netflix
DuPont Water Solutions is proud to be a key sponsor of the W12 Congress

Written by Alexandra Abumuhor

DuPont Water Solutions is proud to be a key sponsor of the W12 Congress which aims to drive in new measures for water security and drive out the barriers that prevent access to clean water.

Due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, the event was a drive-in convention to help maintain social distancing measures. The event took place in Cape Town, South Africa, Oct. 22.  

DuPont Water Solutions, which is a global leader in water purification and separation technologies, featured in ''Brave Blue World'' documentary which premiered in October 22, 2020.

Brave Blue World is a powerful documentary -available on Netflx - that explores how new technologies and ground-breaking innovations can create a sustainable water future for the entire planet.

The informative documentary features celebrities and activists such as Matt Damon, Liam Neeson, and Jaden Smith, as well as many innovators and experts in the water industry. It seeks to educate the world about the water crisis and what we can do to prevent it.  

Albawaba Entertainment did an exclusive interview with Dupont aiming to learn more about their future plans with A-List celebrities and how ‘Brave Blue World’ could help the younger generation have a different view on saving water.

- Brave Blue World featured at the W12+ Congress is narrated by Liam Neeson as well as high-profile advocates Matt Damon and Jaden Smith. Other great environment activists as well include stars like Leonardo DiCaprio. Can you see the impact of this in raising the awareness of the new generation who look up to those stars as role models? Are there any plans for collaborating with other artists in order to raise awareness about the water waste issue?

Yes, I truly believe that the participation of these celebrities is a key way to reach the audience, especially the younger generations. More than celebrities, they are people that are admired for their talent, and if they support a certain cause, their fans will often also care about the same cause. So the participation of well-known celebrities
is always welcome, as far as we’re concerned and helpful in raising awareness of such important issues.

With your hard work and everyone working together on preventing water waste, how do you think ‘Brave Blue World’ could help the younger generation have a different view on saving water?

First of all, accessibility is crucial for reaching young people. That’s why the documentary is on Netflix, which is one of the most popular platforms nowadays, with the younger generation making up the majority of its users. Second, the participation of contemporary celebrities in the documentary is very important, because these are people who are followed for their talent and whose support will draw a lot of attention from their young fans. Third, the documentary shows how the world is running out of water using alarming statistics, videos, and expert opinions, while at the same time conveying a positive message and call to action that people can engage with and feel they can be a part of the solution. Fourth, it only runs around 50 minutes long so it doesn’t demand too much of the audience's attention. We believe the combination of these factors will help the documentary engage people around the world, especially our younger generations.

The film features compelling stories, beautiful scenery, and examples from across five continents to show novel ways of tackling water problems. Is this mastery in film production helping you get to a wider audience globally?

Yes, we have a broad, international target audience because this issue affects us all, it is not limited to certain geographical boundaries. The documentary is available on Netflix, which has around 75 million subscribers worldwide. The film production and its accessibility should ensure the documentary finds its global audience, which is our objective.

Partnering with W12+ Drive-in is a wonderful way to raise awareness and especially during the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19. Do you think this way is more effective in drawing young people’s attention to your cause? 

It certainly is. We managed to adapt and find an original and interesting way to make congress happen. The idea of a drive-in congress caught the attention of young people because it is unusual interactive activity. At the same time, the congress allowed the audience to participate in a secure and safe environment to enjoy, learn, and experience the different presentations that took place in Cape Town. The addition of live music food and wine as well as the concept of being in a drive-in movie gave this event an entertainment feel that was light and fun even though the topic is very serious.

Are there other forms of art you use to spread awareness of water security and how to tackle the challenges in this vital life sector?

Yes, one example was during the congress with the participation of Jeremy Loops, a musician from South Africa. He performed his music live and we believe that this type of artistic participation is not only an enjoyable experience but also a reminder that is not a topic reserved for scientific experts, it impacts everyone around the world regardless of your talent or profession.  Last year we put together an art show dedicated to water at the Aquatech China trade event to bring in artists to share in our passion for water. We want to demonstrate that each one of us can participate in this challenge in different ways, and use our skills to raise awareness.

The digitally, socially distanced congress also boasted a drive-in cinema, for an estimated 100 vehicles, with a maximum of two persons per car. How do you describe this special experience?

This occasion was a unique experience. Around 200 people participated in person and around 17,000 people online. We appreciated the participation of key experts from different organizations and companies around the world, such as Nedbank, UNESCO, IWD, etc. The audience had the unique opportunity to learn about Waterwise future solutions at every stage of the process, from water reuse to wastewater treatment. In addition, the Brave Blue World Documentary premiere was also a unique experience for both us and the audience because we shared for the first time a documentary that was rigorously done to show how people and companies are adopting new technologies, strategies, and innovations to creatively manage water resources around the world.

To tie in the concept of a drive-in cinema, the discussion was structured in terms of what we can foster, or ‘drive-in,’ like new commitments and investments, and what we should ‘drive-out,’ like poverty and shame. How did this thoughtful theme come about?

We went through a process of looking for solutions and adapting to the new restrictions caused by the pandemic. The congress was postponed and we found a new way that met all the distance and hygiene requirements, a drive-in event. We immediately realized that this was aligned with our goals for the event, to drive in new solutions and drive out negative aspects such as poverty and shame. We believe that is not only addressing the problems that we are facing with water but also to give people strategies and solutions to overcome this global issue.

And eventually, can you tell us more about DuPont’s future projects using the arts to further promote your important message and raise awareness of your wonderful work in this area?

We are always working to find new ways to reach people and one of them is through artistic strategies and events. As we did with the W12+ Congress for Water Security, the premiere of Brave Blue World, and the participation of different celebrities, we also want to keep developing similarly interactive events, where people participate and engage with experts and talented personalities. Our main goal is to reach more people, raise awareness, and provide a platform for the solutions we need to face this issue together.

Don't forget to check out Brave Blue World on Netflix and begin to protect your country's water resources like your amazing favorite stars. 

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