Dirty dancing through the holy month? Durra defends her belly dancing Ramadan role

Published April 1st, 2013 - 01:22 GMT

The actress Durra Zarrouk - always one to generate Ramadan drama - has revealed that she will be playing the role of a belly dancer for the holy month. Fans can expect to see the Tunisian star shake it in the Ramadan series "Competitions".

Zarrouk will be shooting the scheduled hip action as an exotic dancer named Rumanah. The respectable actress took pains to make it known in her statement that her attire would not be provocative, nor would her moves. Durra will not be tempting the viewers with any dirty dancing likely to upset the conservative quarters of the Arab-Sat viewing public.

She also added that this was a first for her as she had never played a dancer in film. While the actress who recently took the controversial role of ex leader Ben Ali's wife and First Lady of Tunisia, Laila Trabulsi, has now got over her initial nerves at the prospect of pelvic thrusting her way through the fasting month, the thirty-something actress has embraced the challenge and fully expects to play many different roles in the course of her career. 

"We must act different characters: I have been a doctor, a lawyer, a housewife an intellectual, a pauper and a political activist. Belly dancers do exist in the society, so it is important to show the human side of this demonized or stigmatized character"

Her particular dancing queen, Rumanah, is in the throngs of a love affair: an ordinary predicament for a young women - dancer or scholar - to find herself in.

"I will present her in a way that is believable to the audience, but at the same time I will put my unique stamp on her as an actress."

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