Egypt's first acting lady Laila Elwi elects wifely duties

Published May 25th, 2012 - 11:29 GMT
Laila Elwi sees to her husband before chosing Egypt's president
Laila Elwi sees to her husband before chosing Egypt's president

While all eyes were on Egypt for election day on the historic occasion of Egypt's first free vote, Egyptian super star Laila Elwi voted to accompany her husband Mansour Al Jamal on a medical treatment expedition to Europe.

Husband Al Jamal had fallen unconscious for some days follow a road accident, on his way back from an Alein Al Sukna "hot springs" trip. 

Laila Elwi asked director Shawqi Al Marji, to postpone the deadline for her decision to take part in the new series "Napoleon" until her return from this stressful health-fix in Switzerland.

Meanwhile, Laila took a detour from Swiss convalescing to nip over to France, where she attended the premiere of the Egyptian revolution aftermath movie "After the Battle" in the international Cannes Film Festival. She graced the film premiere where she mingled with the cast and crew of the movie, including director Yousry Nasrallah, and actors Menna Shalabi, Basem Samara, Nahed Al Sab'ee, and Fedra.

Laila will be returning to Cairo next week, to begin the filming of the historical series, "Napoleon Bonaparte" where she stars alongside  the elite cast of Abed Fahed, Sharif Salama, Mahmoud Al Jundi, Farah Yousef, Bader, Sameh Al Siryti, Abdul Aziz Makhyoun, and Sabrina Abdul Mounem.

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