It's no frills for Egyptian cinema: Nabila Obeid’s swimsuit first to go

Published July 8th, 2012 - 06:43 GMT
Nabila Obeid
Nabila Obeid

It's 'Take Two' for Egyptian film that is not measuring up to the strict film censor's guidelines. The Egyptian Censorship Committee was not having any of an Egyptian actress's pool-side antics sneak by their censorship pen. The offending scenes that had to go were those of Egyptian actress Nabila Obeid that appear in the second part of the television drama “Kayd Al Nisa” (Women’s Vengeance).

The committee now more than ever will not be thinking twice about slashing the raunch out of Egyptian cinema in the time of Muslim Brotherhood Egypt.

The cut scenese include Nabila frolicking poolside. The actress was not camera shy when appearing at the swimming pool in her scanty bathing suit. But the cameras are going to have to be a little more shy in view of Ramadan modesty restrictions. The censorship crew felt that such scenes were in poor taste for showing during the holy month of Ramadan, which is when the drama is scheduled to be aired. The production company was asked by the censorship crew to edit out the swimsuit scenes and have Nabila appear in more conservative, fitting gear for the holy month.

Filming for Nabila, aside from this minor swimwear set-back, is otherwise going swimmingly.  Obeid is pleased to be on the last leg of shooting, having almost 80 percent of the drama behind her.

The proud actress has denied recent rumors that she and the drama's second leading actress, belly dancer and actress Fifi Abdo are on bad terms and protested that they are long-standing friends for life.

The 'woman' drama's cast includes Fifi, actor Ahmed Budayr, Aytin Amer, Dina Fouad and Shaima Hassan.


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