Egyptian dad gets his Mohamed Ramadan swag on, and it's awesome

Published August 18th, 2016 - 11:54 GMT
Mohamed Ramadan, meet your alter-ego, Dr Ibrahim Hashish. (File photo)
Mohamed Ramadan, meet your alter-ego, Dr Ibrahim Hashish. (File photo)

By now everyone knows Mohamed Ramadan isn’t just an Egyptian actor, he is a lifestyle.

Remember when half the country got their beard like his Ostoora character? Or when everyone lost it when one of the characters he played on TV died? Or when the Mohamed Ramadan epidemic went to Sudan?

Needless to say, this is all getting out of control, which is why it comes to no surprise when we bumped into this Egyptian dad that has embraced the Mohamed Ramadan lifestyle and reenacted his favorite moments.

The results are absolutely amazing. 

Bow down to Ibrahim Hashish, the real Ostoora

The swag is too strong in this one


Can you adopt us ya Ibrahim? 


La te2ol Refa3y Desouky wala ay zeft, mafish Ostoora zey Ibrahim ya gama3a


Obviously parrots are more gangster! A7na ma3ak ya Ibrahim!


Selfie game so strong Mohamed Ramadan momken yet3awar!

WE SAID THIS: When Ibrahim is not embracing his inner Mohamed Ramadan, he saves people’s lives and works as a surgeon. He’s also the father of our very own Dina Hashish.

 (all photos courtesy of Dina Hashish)

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