Egyptian Marilyn Monroe Statue Stuns for All the Wrong Reasons

Published June 22nd, 2017 - 01:30 GMT
From "The Seven Year Itch." (Twentieth Century Fox)
From "The Seven Year Itch." (Twentieth Century Fox)

Marilyn Monroe wasn’t real.

She was a carefully manufactured image, a “blonde bombshell” of the 1960s whose real name was Norma Jean. The patriarchy and misogyny that made her aside, Marilyn Monroe became an icon—a prevailing sex symbol. Her early death at 36 prevented her from ageing, making her young and beautiful forever.

In other words, it’s difficult to make her look ugly—especially when creating her likeness.

But let it not be said that Cairo does not rise to the occasion.

A statue that is supposed to depict Marilyn Monroe has gone up in Cairo. I say “supposed to” because the statue, despite having the vague features of Marilyn Monroe, looks more like a cosmic horror torn from the very fabric of the black eldritch.

Above: Forever Screaming Marilyn. (Facebook)

Ostensibly based off the “Forever Marilyn” statue in California, the statue looks like it’s actually ripped from a drug-fuelled nightmare birthed in sin, silently screaming in the middle of the Cairo Opera House.

I wonder about the strange artist who carved this piece. Who are you, strange artist, and why this existential cry for help?  

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