Egyptian puppet Abla Fahita's court date postponed

Published June 27th, 2016 - 09:03 GMT
Our fingers are crossed for the beloved puppet. (File photo)
Our fingers are crossed for the beloved puppet. (File photo)

An Egyptian puppet was set to stand in court on June 26, 2016. That date has now been extended.

We're of course talking about Abla Fahita, the controversial, satirical and hilarious puppet, who made millions of people fall in love with her after her show "Abla Fahita Live Men El Duplex" premiered in April 2015.

Sadly though, not everyone saw the funny side of this comical act. 

Lawyer Samir Sabry - who has been involved in many other controversial lawsuits - filed a lawsuit against the program in April, citing "taking offence to Abla Fahita’s language on the program, seeing it as profane and as something that goes against the ethics and traditions of Egypt" as the reason.

Sabry said he doesn’t think Abla Fahita - featuring a female Muppet-like puppet - is a good example of freedom of speech or creativity, adding that there is a fine line between moral decadence and freedom of speech and creativity.


Abla Fahita will appear in court on July 13, 2016.

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