Egyptian student accidentally becomes Chinese actor!

Published August 23rd, 2016 - 07:21 GMT
Amro Zaghlool in one of the Chinese productions he acted in. (Facebook)
a Amro Zaghlool in one of the Chinese productions he acted in. (Facebook)

Ever seen an Egyptian in a Chinese film? Well, you're about to!

Amro Zaghlool, 29, moved to China in 2011 to complete a Master's degree in Chinese, only to end up as an actor five years later.

But how exactly did a simple man from Egypt get to do what Jackie Chan does for a living?

During a 2012 trip to a Media Production City in China, Amro bumped into a movie director, who was mighty impressed with Amro's fluency in Chinese and offered him a supporting role in a film he was producing at the time.

Then the rest was history.

He has since been in over 30 Chinese films and TV series, "a dream come true" for Amro, as revealed by him in an interview with Radio Sawa.

"I've loved watching Chinese films since my childhood, and I've always loved mythical Chinese stories. My dream was to act in one of them; that's where my love for the language came from," Zaghlool said.

Amro's latest role was in a 2016 TV series titled "Looking for Bing Chow," where he plays the role of an American reporter in China.

Amro is doing better than some Chinese actors in a country that isn't his own, but what are his future plans?

"I want to go back to Egypt and act in Arabic-speaking films. I'd love to get the chance to go to Hollywood as well." That must be worth all the tea in China to him!

If you made it as far as China, Hollywood is only a few steps away, Amro.

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