Elham Shahin accused of 'dissing' Egypt's people

Published July 1st, 2012 - 05:09 GMT
Elham Shahin, here acting out a bed scene, denies dissing Egypt's people
Elham Shahin, here acting out a bed scene, denies dissing Egypt's people

Caught in a rather unbecoming position against fellow citizens, Egypt's Elham Shahin would have it known that Kuwaiti-fuelled rumors of her people bashing were untrue. A Kuwaiti newspaper recently published a report about Egyptian actress Elham Shahin cursing supporters of the newly elected Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi. She allegedy in a vitriolic outburst wished they and the makers of the Egyptian January 25 Revolution be condemned.

The article galvanized many people against the 'undemocratic' 'list of dogs' actress as they took to a smear campaign, badmouthing and making accusations against the big name on different internet social networks.

Once news of the negative press reached the actress, who had made no bones about supporting Morsi’s opponent Ahmed Shafiq during the elections, she strongly denied the allegations.  She emphatically swore an oath (rather than a curse) that she did not make any statement to any newspaper after the victory of Morsi.

According to internet website MBC.net, Elham said that the allegation against her is a conspiracy and that she would not in her right mind talk ill of her own people. She regards what it was she was supposed to have said as being disrespectful and insists it is not like her to talk in such a manner about anyone.

Elham said that putting aside any personal feelings regarding which candidate she considered more suitable for President, the Mubarak loyalist respects the choice of the majority of Egyptian citizens and wishes the new president all the look to face the upcoming period.  She speaks of the challenge facing Egypt's 'elect' in a very critical and testy period in which he must make prudent decisions to help the country stand on its own two feet once more.

Away from politics, and far from the madding crowd, Elham has completed filming most of her scenes for the upcoming television drama “Qadiat Maali Al Wazeerah” (Case of her Excellency the Minister).


What is your opinion of Egyptian artists reacting to Morsi's win? Is the media fanning the flames of Egyptian celebrities against the Muslim Brotherhood?


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