Elham Shahin’s left out in the cold after supporting Shafiq

Published July 9th, 2012 - 05:43 GMT
Elham Shahin
Elham Shahin

Egyptian actress Elham Shahin is in a fix after a number of Egyptian TV channels refused to buy her new drama “Qadiat Maali Al Wazeerah” (The Case of Her Excellency the Minister) due to her pro-Shafiq political views.

Elham had made a harsh attack against Morsy and the Muslim Brotherhood meaning she's no longer in the good books of TV executives since Morsy became president. 

The drama “Qadiat Maali Al Wazeerah” stars Elham, Yousif Shaban, Mustafa Fahmi, Tamer Hajras, Nada Basyouni, Mai Nour El Sharif, Mohammad Kamel, Reem Sabouni, Nirmeen Zaza and Amir Shahin.

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