Elissa Is Furious.. Who Did She Call Rubbish? (Video)

Published November 7th, 2019 - 11:19 GMT
Lebanese singer Elissa tweeted that she is searching for the special needs garbage collector
Lebanese singer Elissa tweeted that she is searching for the special-needs garbage collector (Source: @elissazkh Instagram)

Even if nobody cares about humanity in Lebanon.. Elissa does!

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Lebanese singer Elissa tweeted that she is searching for a special-needs sanitation worker who was suspended from work after he sent an influential message that many considered a powerful criticism of Lebanese officials.

Elissa said:

"If any of you can reach out to this person, I hope they communicate with us in any way. The rubbish he spoke of is more honorable than the ruling class that refuse to leave their seats, and we want change to be in words and actions".

Social media users circulated a video of a young Lebanese man with special needs, in which he said that he has been working with "garbage" for 12 years and classified as a garbage collector within the municipalities of Sin el Fil and Dekwaneh, explaining that he was suspended from work 6 months ago.

The worker said in his influential words that he went to the municipality and the Ministry of Interior and told them:

"I want to earn my bread from the garbage of my country. I don't want to see only Syrians earning from the garbage of my country in front of me. We should both be earning that bread together."

He was referring to the fact that he sees Syrians employed in the same sanitation job that he was suspended from and is asking that he be allowed to work in his country alongside them. 

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