Elissa, Haifa and Nancy concerts held by 'devil worshippers'

Published September 11th, 2012 - 08:32 GMT
Nancy, Haifa, Elissa
Nancy, Haifa, Elissa

Egyptian Muslim preacher, Fadel Suleiman, is no stranger to controversy, having hit out at Lebanese singers and their scandalous antics, in the past. Now he has gone on the offensive once again, saying attending Haifa, Nancy and Elissa concerts is like worshipping the devil.

These are strong words from the Muslim Brotherhood member, particularly as he let slip on his Facebook wall that he himself was a fan of heavy metal music when he was younger. The preacher was quick to add that "hard rock" is a much less offensive genre of music than Lebanese pop. Sounds like a difference of musical taste to us.


Fadel made his statements after an Egyptian attorney filed a lawsuit against an organization of heavy metal and rock and roll concerts, saying that they were solely for devil worshipers. The Islamist preacher said he's against the ban, adding that the youth of today are more likely to be corrupted by Haifa in a skimpy dress than Megadeth singing about drug overdoses and suicide.


Do you think Haifa, Elissa and Nancy are worse influences than heavy metal bands? Tell us what you think below. 




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