Elissa Refuses to Comment on Rotana's Deezer Deal as MENA's Music Streaming Wars Begin

Published October 14th, 2018 - 02:24 GMT
Deezer company tweeted that they did not remove any content for Elissa from YouTube
Deezer company tweeted that they did not remove any content for Elissa from YouTube

Elissa seems to still be in shock from Rotana and Deezer application deal.

In a recent interview, Elissa replied with "No Comment" to a question if she was still depressed about the new Rotana and Deezer deal, especially after some videos for her were said to have suddenly disappeared from Rotana's youtube channel only to return again briefly after.

Salem Al Hindi, Rotana's director of audio and video ensured that no videos for Elissa were removed from YouTube tweeting "Nothing is happening and nothing will happen" hinting that the three or four videos for Elissa that were arguably deleted, are online again and that no future deletion of videos will happen.

Rumor has it that Rotana will delete all of the music and videos it produced or distributed from all online platforms (including 'Anghami' application that has up to 7 million active users monthly and arguably has the largest Arabic music library in the region) after contracts with these platforms are finished.

It's copyrighted content shall be moved to its other 'sister' company Deezer, the company the Rotana's owner Al Waleed Bin Talal who owns up to 10% of according to some news reports.

Rumor has it that 'The Queen of Sensation' is leaving the Production label soon for its new strategy that could push for a meeting with Salem Al Hindi, Rotana's head of audio and video, in a couple of days to discuss a solution.

Tunisian singer Latifa wrote a series of boasting tweets that seemed to be promoting what Rotana has in the works. Latifa tweeted that it might be tiring psychologically and financially to own all the audio and video rights of audio and video for all her videography and discography except for "Ma Trouhsh Beed" (Don't Go Away) album that she sold to "Alam Al Phan" production label.

In a second tweet she said that all her investment was and still is in her albums, videos and some of her concerts, and she thanked her 'first teacher' lyricist Mohammed Ali for the advice.

Latifa finished her series of tweets with one in which she thanked god for health, ambition and will.

From its side Deezer company tweeted that they did not remove any content for Elissa from YouTube and won't be doing that to any content related to Elissa or any other artist on Rotana's YouTube channel.

Do you think Elissa will leave Rotana or that Rotana will allow Elissa to leave given that she is one of the biggest names signed with the label?

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