Emily Ratajkowski Shares Sexy-Bikini Photo From Beach After 'Crazy' Body-shamers Critic

Published March 15th, 2019 - 08:20 GMT
Emily Ratajkowski Defends herself after 'Crazy' Body-shamers critic. (Emily Ratajkowski/ Instagram)
Emily Ratajkowski Defends herself after 'Crazy' Body-shamers critic. (Emily Ratajkowski/ Instagram)

She posted a cheeky side-by-side photo as she tanned on the beach with her friend on Monday.

But Emily Ratajkowski has been copping grief ever since, with the 27-year-old model attacked on Instagram for what some considered an unfair comparison to her fuller-figured friend.

In the comments section, the Gone Girl actress reportedly countered: 'All these haters are crazy. Just because you’re used to seeing one body type on the internet doesn’t mean that that’s the only kind that should be considered "beautiful."

'Why would she subject her friend to this humiliation and online bullying by posting this?' one user asked of the model in the photo's comments section.

Another person wrote, 'You specifically posted a photo so that it was clear your body is better than the body of your friend.'

Yet another added: 'Being fat is not beautiful nor healthy: let's not be hypocrite please.'

Emily was using the post to advertise her own Inamorata swimwear range.

The brunette beauty often referred to as 'Emrata' then lashed out via her popular Instagram Stories.

Referring to her friend Caitlin King, with whom she appeared in the pic, Ratajkowski wrote, 'I love my girl's body and her and I both think she looks great here and that this is a very cute pic of us getting severe sunburns.'

'I'm proud she wears my suits,' she continued.

'Different bodies are beautiful and I hope y'all learn that soon.'

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