Enas al Dughaidi dislikes "Saraya Abdeen," defends homosexuals and compliments Haifa Wehbe

Published July 15th, 2014 - 10:58 GMT

Controversial Egytian director Enas al Dughaidi fiercely criticised one of TV's biggest productions this Ramadan on the "Wala Tihlam" (Don't Even Dream About It) show with TV host Nishan.

You may be surprised, but Enas said that “Saraya Abdeen” doesn't deserve the huge budget spent on its production. Could this have anything to do with her complaint to the Egyptian Cinema Syndicate months ago, after claiming that "Saraya Abdeen's" script was stolen from her original script for the TV drama she'd already written entitled "Aser El Hareem"?

It's possible! Her drama never came to life though due to production obstacles.

According to Elaph news, Enas added that the show's script has no real "scenario" either. But, wait for it, she had one positive comment to share: She said that Egyptian actress Yousra is the only cast member to have really shone through on the show.

Then it was more bashing time; the director said that "Saraya Abdeen" is simply imitating the hit Turkish drama “Hareem Al Sultan” (The Sultan’s Women), and described the actors as "cold, lifeless and ill directed by the director." Ouch!

Enas talked about other celebs like Ghada Abdel Razik, whom she considers to be a master at what she does, and added that she is impressed with Nelly Karim, Rania Yousif, and Kinda Alloush's acting skills.

On a more personal front, Enas said that she's not against intimate relationships before marriage. She also said that she has many homosexual friends, who can't come out of the closet because of the conservative society they live in.

She did make her own prediction though, stating that society will soon look at homosexuals in a different way and become more accepting of them.

And of course Enas said that she fully supports the decision of the Egyptian government to ban Haifa Wehbe's film “Halawet Rouh.” She said that producer Ahmad al Sabki took advantage of Haifa’s beauty to present a film that is very disturbing and sexual in content.

Enas finally sent out a message to Haifa advising her to be careful with her choice of roles as she is talented and doesn't need to depend on her looks to get famous.

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