Facebook anoints November 'Fairouz Month' in collaboration with Al Jaras Magazine

Published November 2nd, 2016 - 12:58 GMT
The legendary Lebanese singer remains one of the most-listened to singers in the Arab world to this day. (File photo)
The legendary Lebanese singer remains one of the most-listened to singers in the Arab world to this day. (File photo)

Let November be Fayrouz month, this year and every year. 

That's what Lebanon's popular Al Jaras Magazine is trying to do in collaboration with Facebook. 

In an advertisement campaign posted on their Facebook page on Tuesday, the magazine urged the iconic Lebanese singer's fans to change their profile photos to look like the one below:

The custom-designed blue frame has a picture of Fairouz and the caption, "Warmest wishes to Fairouz from my heart."

You can read Al Jaras's full Facebook advertisement below:

"Let November be Fayrouz month, this year and every year. Join us in celebrating Fayrouz by adding this Profile Picture Frame to your profile picture.

In an unprecedented and unique initiative, the most renowned social media network worldwide, Facebook, in collaboration with Al Jaras Magazine | مجلة الجرس, celebrate the Arab Icon, Fayrouz | فيروز | Fairouz, for the duration of November 2016, and in recognition of her art, anoint this month annually as "Fayrouz Month".

It is quintessential that this celebration be in the form of State and Public Recognition amid the appalling negligence of the Lebanese Republic and its unjustified failure to recognize our *Ambassadress to the Stars* (as named by the late great poet, Saeed Akl). While state-sponsored tribute ceremonies are held haphazardly in honor of deserving as well as non-deserving names, it is unacceptable that our government has refrained from recognizing Fayrouz. She who has dedicated her entire life, talent, and angelic voice praising her country and honoring her homeland; she who has consistently refused to abandon her Lebanon during the worst plights of its Civil War; she who against all odds, emphatically stated: “Bhebbak ya Libnan!”

Fayrouz has never praised a king or a leader and just as she sang for Lebanon, she sang for Arabs through her celestial vocals: Jerusalem, Baghdad, Egypt, as well as Damascus, Jordan, Emirates, Tunisia, Mecca, Alexandria, Kuwait, Palestine, Algeria, and Beirut, in war and for peace.

Fayrouz is not only an Icon as an artist, she’s an exemplary human being, a loyal wife, a loving mother, and a genuine soul devoting her life and her legacy to walk God’s path.

Fayrouz has rejoiced the souls of nations, and has dwelled in the heartbeats of millions, has always chosen to keep her bitter moments to herself. A messenger of hope, beauty, love and glee: Fayrouz deserves our heartfelt and sheer gratitude."

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