Assala’s fans do not 'Like' her new look much

Published November 6th, 2012 - 02:41 GMT
Assalah Nasri sports new blonde look
Assalah Nasri sports new blonde look

A makeover for Syrian singer Assala Nasri does not seem to have gone down well amongst fans who took to her official Facebook page to vent their displeasure with the singer’s new blonde hair and glasses.

Nasri, who turned up in the new look for the second season of her talk show Soula, was criticized by her fans who pleaded with her to return to her old look, spec-less and brunette, that they believe suited her better.

Although the majority of Nasri’s fans were gentle with their criticism, some went to the extreme, using vulgarities and posting insulting comments on her Facebook page. The opinionated songstress may have retired from Twitter but she'd left disciples and detractors with ample space to air their grievances with her on the social media giant FB.

The frequent use of inappropriate language prompted the page administrators to post a statement accusing supporters of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad of posting the trashy comments.

“We will be taking serious measures against everyone who used foul language against Asala and they will be permanently banned from the page,” the statement said, adding that political differences should not be a reason for insulting others.

Nasri is known for her outspoken opposition of the Assad regime and support for the Syrian rebels. In the past she has let nothing -- not even family ties- come between her and her Bashar-bashing. Her brother Anas is the main administrator for her Facebook page, and has stood by his sister, unlike pro-Assad brother Ayham who had recently taken a firm and vehement stand in publicly opposing his sister's politics.


Share your thoughts! Is blood thicker than water? Should Assala Nasri consider leaving Facebook (having quit Twitter already)?

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