Syrian singer against Assad

Published September 6th, 2011 - 10:19 GMT

Syrian musician Asala Nasri has written a new song fiercely criticizing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his regime. The track, composed by Nasri herself, is entitled 'If only this Throne could speak', and openly attacks Al-Assad despite what she has been subjected to since supporting Syrian revolutionists, as several websites including Shabab Al-Ahram have reported.

Nasri witnessed the January 25 revolution in Egypt which ousted Mubarak, and perhaps this tempted her to support the revolution back in her country, especially after the number of deaths exceeded 3,000. The Syrian artist refused to reduce the whole of Syria to one person, and said the country belongs to its great people who want dignity.

In an interview on Al-Arabiya's morning show, Nasri said that she and millions of others throughout Syria were not convinced by claims that the revolutionists are criminals and vandals. She added that she wrote the song to voice her opinion on what is happening in her country.

"We are people asking for our most basic rights; we want a country we belong to, can be proud of, that we own a small part of. We don't feel that it belongs to one person because a country cannot be owned by a single person, and cannot be named after one person", she said. The song's lyrics address the Syrian president, saying, "Every throne has been smashed, learn your lesson. Knowledge will not be of any use to you; the people have stopped listening to you, the killings will not benefit you".

The song continues, "We kept quiet about injustice; don't say you didn't know when injury knows. I want to give you honest advice; staying won't work. We were oppressed, and oppression made us learn". The Syrian opposition are waiting to work on a collaborative piece announced by the famous Iraqi oud player Nasir Shama, entitled 'The People Want'.

Asala Nasri has mixed support, having been attacked by regime loyalists, whilst oppositionists have called her the 'Singer of the Syrian Revolution' after she released her statement in support of the uprising in mid-May when she wrote her "Letter to Syrian Revolutionists" which was circulated on several websites.

In the letter, Nasri announced that she was refusing to travel to Syria to take part in the 'pro-Assad dramas', and wrote, "How can I feel my people and not see what's happening, and not hear their cries that have shook my heart and mind and almost pierced my soul?". She ended the letter by saying, "If only I were with you to shout 'freedom' with all my voice".

The singer has faced a campaign of criticism from Syrian celebrities after joining the rank of the revolutionists and taking a stand against Bashar Al-Assad. Some stars have called her ungrateful to the Al-Assad family, and others have demanded that she be stripped of her Syrian nationality. (Source:

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