Farouq Fishawi’s health threatens two TV dramas

Published September 7th, 2004 - 02:00 GMT

Prominent Egyptian actor Farouq Fishawi is currently going through a bad health condition, which made him stay at Peace International Hospital. The actor’s condition made filming his upcoming Ramadan TV drama “Alf Leila Wa Leila” (One Thousand and One Nights) come to a stop because he is playing the leading role alongside actress Nirmeen Al-Faqi. Farouq filmed eight scenes in front of Mohammed Dafrawi and two scenes in front of Nirmeen, which makes it very difficult to replace him with another actor. 


Farouq was supposed to act in this drama with Shireen Seif Al-Nasser but the latter asked for some amendments in the script and after that she asked her wage to be raised to one million EGP instead of 500 thousand EGP but producers refused and offered Nirmeen the part. 


Another drama had stopped filming because of Fishawi's sudden illness is called “Al-Dam Wal Nar” script by Waheed Hamid and direction by Sameer Seif. 


Fishawi's two sons Ahmed and Omar have been beside their father's bed throughout his ordeal as well as his ex-wife Sumaya Al-Alfi who constantly visits him. Fishawi suffered previously from severe a backache which made him go abroad to have a back surgery. 


Farouq's condition is not clear yet but doctors say that his stomach does not digest food, which makes him vomit all the time, but still he has not been diagnosed with any particular illness. 


Dr. Foad Thabet, liver disease expert, had revealed that Al Fishawi’s health is improving gradually. The doctor added that the actor will undergo several tests before leaving the hospital and will then resume his resting period in his own home. Doctors supervising the actor’s condition stressed that what he is going through is very normal and there is no need to transfer him abroad to get medical treatment. They added that he is not suffering from any critical disease and only faced some pain in his abdominal, which is easily cured.  


Tests were immediately done on Farouq and results show that the actor is suffering from liver problems. After the actor woke from his coma, doctors insisted to keep him under direct supervision. Ahmad suggested that his father be taken to France to have more tests done, stressing that the medical services there are more advanced than those in Egypt. - Albawaba.com  

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