Fatma Girik's Death Shocks Turkey.. You Won't Believe Who She Included in Her Will!

Published January 25th, 2022 - 08:40 GMT
Fatma Girik'in Ölümü Türkiye'yi Şok Ediyor.. Vasiyetinde Kimleri Dahil Ettiğine İnanamayacaksınız!

The master name of Yeşilçam, Fatma Girik, has died yesterday at the age of 79 at 7 am due to viral pneumonia as a result of her infection with Covid-19.

Liv Hospital, where she was treated, has given information by making a statement.

Anesthesiology and Reanimation Specialist Prof. Dr. Simru Tuğrul reminded that the artist had been receiving treatment in his own hospital for various reasons for years and said:

“Unfortunately, we lost Fatma Girik, the giant tree of Turkish cinema, towards this morning. She was admitted to our hospital due to pneumonia and respiratory failure. In the examinations, it was seen that there was a viral infection due to Covid-19. We started the follow-up and treatment in the intensive care unit. However, despite the treatments, she developed multiple organ failure. Despite all the interventions, she attained God's mercy. We wish God's mercy on her, and our condolences to her fans and family."

Fatma Girik'in ölüm nedeni koronavirüsü ortaya çıkardı


Answering the questions of journalists, her brother Günay Girik said, “We don't know whether my sister contracted COVID-19 in the hospital or if it was one of our visitors. There has been an omission, we will investigate it. My sister got heavy on Thursday evening. I'm investigating those who come and go," he said.


It turned out that Fatma Girik prepared her will and left most of her property to her niece Ahu Turanlı. Ahu Turanlı, the daughter of her older sister Müesser Turanlı, works as a consultant in a private real estate company. Girik left some of her assets to her adopted daughter Ahu Aşkar too, whom she took in at the age of 12 as a foster family from the Child Protection Agency years ago.


In an interview she gave a while ago, Fatma Girik said the following about death: “After all, I am not a robot, I am a living thing; One day I will surely taste death. Death is not a bad thing. If it was bad, God would not give death. We will go so that new ones come after us. My mother is alive, she is very old and needs me. I just don't want to leave her." The artist's mother, Münevver Girik, who has Alzheimer's disease, lives in Bodrum with her older sister Müesser Turanlı.

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