Fatma's 'Murad' threatens reign of heart-throb 'Muhannad'

Published April 26th, 2012 - 12:57 GMT
Turkish soap Fatma's 'Murad' threatens supremacy of 'Muhannad'
Turkish soap Fatma's 'Murad' threatens supremacy of 'Muhannad'

Murad from the Turkish series Fatma, is scoring fans in the female viewing population, giving Muhannad and even show-rival Karim a run for their money. The Turkish actor Burga, known in Syrian dubbing as 'Murad,' in the popular Turkish series Fatma, has been a hit with Arab viewers, especially the ladies who have found a way to substitute their Brad Pit equivalent, their own 'Muhamanet' in Turkish soap terms.  


Finding another Muhannad

The actor, Kivanc Tatlitug, more easily identified as Muhannad, from hit-dramas 'Forbidden Love' and 'Nour' single-handedly stole the hearts and minds of many an Arab housewife to the dismay of the proud Arab male population. Engin Akyurek known as Karim on Fatma, together with Burga Gulsoy (Murad) together are other male icons who have helped to plug the vacuum caused by Muhanad's exit from the current show line-up for the lady fans.

Burga Gulsoy, or Murad started his career in 2004. One of his early films was "Trio", and he followed this debut performance with many roles in films, series and plays. His breaking role however came in his role on the T.V. smash-hit, Fatma, as this made him famous in Turkey as well as worldwide. Currently, this Turish series is playing on MBC4 for much of the Arab viewing public who experience Turkish through the Syrian dubbing.


Murad, is one of four men who rape the heroine of this series "Fatma"', played by actress Beren Saat. Despite of him playing the part of a rapist, he succeeded in finding a place in the hearts of women, due to his feelings of remorse and guilt to the incident, the series is aired on MBC4.

Acting career aside, Burga Gulsoy, is married to Turkish actress Burcu Kara famous for her role as Zainab in the Turkish Series, "A moment of Farewell". They had a very open love affair witnessed by the Turkish public. Their wedding was attended by most of the Turkish stars, with a guest list of a very reasonable 300 guests.


It is no secret that Burga is very romantic by nature: he proposed to his wife in a very romantic manner. He took her to the old house were he was born and grew up in, in Ankara and asked her, "Do you want to grow old together?" She answered back, in the very affirmative,  "I do want to grow old together".


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