Fifi Abdo elected President of the Belly Dancing Association

Published May 6th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

Regardless of the many disputes that will arise from electing a head for the Belly Dancing Association, the board of directors for oriental dance has made its decision that Egyptian belly dancer Fifi Abdo best fits the position. The board held a meeting in order to set the basic foundation for the association that will help protect the rights of dancers throughout Egypt. 


According to the Kuwaiti based daily, Al Qabas, Fifi was nominated for the position with regards to her long and rich career as a belly dancer, in addition to most people's opinion that Fifi is the most suitable candidate for the post. Previous attempts by belly dancers have been made to create an association that protects their rights, but for one reason or another have failed to be implemented. 


Two years ago, a number of renowned Egyptian belly dancers, including Dina, Fifi, Lucy and the Japanese dancer Kasumi, had requested that the Professional Performers Association arrange for them to meet Yousef Shaaban, head of the actors’ organization, to discuss the association’s recent resolution rejecting the dancers’ membership applications.  

They also attempted to discuss the formation of an association branch for belly dancers, but their request was denied.  


For his part, Shaaban said that the rejection was released on a majority vote, and he had to abide by the majority’s view because he alone did not run the association, saying that he does not object to Dina, Fifi or others who tried to join the association.  


Earlier this year, Fifi Abdo filed a lawsuit against Egyptian singer Midhat Saleh for giving her checks without credit as a payback for money she had loaned him early last year. Fifi had filed the complaint in June 2002 after Midhat refused to pay her back the money by ignoring all her attempts to contact him.  


Abdo had warned Midhat that she would take him to court if he did not return her money which totaled over one and a half million Egyptian pounds. Midhat had given the dancer three bad checks each for half a million Egyptian pound. The court sentenced Midhat to three years of prison for counterfeiting, but he demanded a retrial of the case. Midhat told the court that he did not take the money from Abdo as a loan but instead it was an investment by her in his new recording studio. Midhat added that every investment has the possibility of loss or gain and that he should not be obliged to cover Fifi's losses.  


Midhat on his part, had filed a second complaint against Fifi for ruining his name and reputation by her false accusations. Midhat demanded three million Egyptian pounds in compensation from the dancer saying it is the least he deserves after are the lies she has been spreading about him to the public.  


Their case has been taken to a civil court in Cairo and awaits a final verdict. Fifi is very optimistic that the court ruling will be in her favor whereas Midhat is hopeful that he will be cleared from all accusation. – 


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