Fifi Abdo and Nabila Obeid in a tree: female kiss sparks legal fury

Published August 1st, 2012 - 01:12 GMT
Fifi Abdo (L) kisses Nabila Obeid (R)
Fifi Abdo (L) kisses Nabila Obeid (R)
Egyptian belly dancer - actress Fifi Abdo is under fire for an 'alleged' lesbian kiss, and is told she faces possible legal fallout. Accusations are flying high that the star has indulged in a homosexual smooch.
She stated that she did not receive any court warning about the lawsuit that Egyptian lawyer Nabeeh Al Wahsh claims to have filed. His complaint? He accuses her of promoting homosexuality and lewd intimacy. This grave charge was levied in response to a photo of her 'passionately' kissing Egyptian actress, and 'single white female' accused of copycat acting recently, Nabila Obeid on the mouth that came out.
Fifi stressed that she would face the music in accordance with the law and propreity and explains that her kiss was innocent. She defends the kiss as put on for show to dispel public rumors that the two co-stars were embroiled in disputes, and to show that they were good friends. Maybe too good.
Lawyer Nabeeh claims that he filed a lawsuit accusing the stars of the TV drama “Kayed Al Nisa 2” (Women’s Vengeance 2) of promoting and practicing homosexuality publicly. He accused Nabila and Fifi of directly promoting such vice through their television drama.
Nabeeh is demanding that both Fifi and Nabila be severely prosecuted and that their drama be suspended at once.
What do you think of the forbidden stolen kiss between actress friends? Innocent or shameful?

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