Four YouTubers hack into Mr. Robot's world with these hilarious parodies!

Published October 12th, 2016 - 11:12 GMT
Rami Malek stars as Elliott in Mr. Robot. (Twitter)
Rami Malek stars as Elliott in Mr. Robot. (Twitter)

We know him (and love him) as the paranoid hacker who wants to bring down capitalism on the thrilling American show Mr. Robot, and Emmy-winning Egyptian actor Rami Malek plays his character Elliott so well that sometimes it's hard to believe this isn't really him in real life.

While the show is dark - very dark - and full of twists and turns, many YouTubers have managed to turn it into something lighthearted and funny.

Saturday Night Live did a Mr. Robot parody last week, which Malek found absolutely hilarious. 

But here are our top favorite Mr. Robot parodies that got show creator Sam Esmail's style down to a tee: 

Curb Your Entertainment

Brad Gage Comedy

Beachfront Comedy

Brian Patierno

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