Franck Muller Watch and a Lamborghini! Mohammed Bin Salman SHOCKS Arabs With Extravagant Apology to Lil Wayne!

Published February 24th, 2020 - 12:25 GMT
Lil Wayne said that he doesn't deal with those protocols (source: @liltunechi Instagram)
Lil Wayne said that he doesn't deal with those protocols (source: @liltunechi Instagram)

A scandal has rocked the Arab world, leaving some in a state of amazement over the way Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman apologized to American rapper Lil Wayne after being stopped at the airport for inspection by security.

In an interview, Lil Wayne recounted the details of what happened upon his arrival to Saudi Arabia.

He said that he had landed in a private airport, but when he put his bags through the x-ray machine a security employee took issue when she discovered jewelry items worth more than 25 thousand dollars in his luggage. Typically, border security require that items of high value be declared beforehand.

Lil Wayne said that he doesn't subject himself to such protocols, stating: "I told myself f**k that s**t I'm going back to my plane, I ain't coming back, I'm not going any where, I don't need to be here."

"So suddenly while I was sitting there, they told me hey yo, his excellency just found out about this s**t and he is pissing and you go straight and do nothing."

"When I got out of my plane, everyone was like statues, and they said he will just need to take 5 minutes, I said I ain't got no problem with it," the rapper continued.

"He came to my f***ing room (Bin Salman) and he was highly upset, he came and he said 25k your jewelry, I bring you gift with 25k. And he made his man open the gift, it was a Franck Muller watch and it was definitely more than 25k."

Lil Wayne then revealed a mind-blowing twist.

"And after he was leaving the room, he said oh I forget, Lamborghini or Ferrari? I though it was a general question. I said Lamborghini, I thought he was asking me which one is better. Then he asked what color? I said black."

Bin Salman said: "In front of your house in 3 weeks I'm very sorry for this."

Wayne added: "I was still thinking that he was joking too. I said Lamborghini truck I heard they are new. I got that like 2 or 3 days ago!"

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