Kiss me Ghada: Egyptian actress smacks Iraqi senator for stealing a kiss

Published August 24th, 2012 - 04:40 GMT
Ghada Abdel Razek won't kiss but will tell anyway!
Ghada Abdel Razek won't kiss but will tell anyway!

In an unlikely match between an Iraqi PM and an Egyptian actress, a fight broke out at the Le Royal Hotel in Cairo, leaving passers-by wondering if they'd just walked into an Olympic boxing ring. Egyptian actress Ghada Abdel Razek and Iraqi member of parliament, Ali Al Shalao, needed the Iraqi delegation with Ali and the filming cast and crew behind Ghada to step in when things got out of hand and turned into a physical scuffle.

The fight took place after Ghada agreed to take a photo with her political 'fan' - upon his request. The Head of the Culture and Media Committee in the Iraqi Parliament was in Cairo for a press conference, and presumably wanted a souvenir of the flashy actress to take home.

Ghada however didn't think her gallant offer to be photographed with the politician would be abused by what turned out to be a drunken disgraceful ambassador for country and people. The man heading up the culture and media squad of Iraq stumbled over to her, drunk and off-balance. Lurching over to the celebrity, he groped at her shoulder and forcefully attempted to kiss the tall beauty.

The incident angered the feisty Ghada who slapped her 'assailant' and shoved him a good arm's length away.  The hotel’s security interruped the quarrel, trying to keep the peace as well as all VIP's out of harms way.

Ghada later stated that she could not believe that a political figure could be this sleazy and disrespectful. So you'd think the Egyptian household name had had little contact with the political world. But no, it transpires that this was not the first run in with Iraqi politicians for Ghada - who has allegedly been intimately involved with an Iraqi head of state in the past. Rumors have it that she was secretly married to one, but the identity has never surfaced. 

Round 2 ,or 3, then! 


What do you think about this unlikely match between politician and actress? Are you disappointed or even surprised by the conduct of the political elites? Do you think the contraversial actress somehow provoked this incident?

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