Match made in Egypt: Ghada Adel and Ahmad Hilmi back together again

Published October 11th, 2012 - 01:08 GMT
Ghada Adel
Ghada Adel
Egyptian comedian Ahmad Hilmi has gone back for another round with fellow Egyptian actress in his latest film project. The funnyman actor has plumped for Egyptian actress Ghada Adel as his leading lady for his latest film, making this the fourth time the duo have starred jointly on the silver or small screen.
Hilmi is still to decide on a final title for the movie, but the vote's in on who the director and producer will be.  Directed by Mohammad Bakeer, the film will be produced jointly by the companies ‘Dollar Film’ and Hilmi- owned ‘Shadows’.

For any actors wishing to star, there's still all to be play for as he hasn't finalized the cast yet.

Ahmad's last film made quite a splash -  “X-Large” was directed by Shareef Arafa and starred Egyptian actress Dunia Samir Ghanem.

Not always so easy with her acceptances as she was for the heavyweight comedian, Ghada is reported to have flatly turned down the invitation to feature on increasingly scandalous show “Ana Wel Asal” (Me and the Honey).  The Ramadan-aired TV series,  hosted by Lebanese Nishan, proved to be the unravelling of many a star who went on as guests to reveal all too much by all accounts.

The actress doesn't want An Wel Asal to feel spurned though and says that she refused to appear on any show during the holy month due to other comittments and clashing schedules.


What do you think of Ghada Adel and her choices - acceptances and rejections? Have your say! Do you think she makes a good acting duo with Ahmad HIlmi?


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