Goodbye Turks! Where is Can Yaman Traveling To After Filming the Last Episode of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong)?

Published September 30th, 2020 - 11:20 GMT
Goodbye Turks! Where Can Yaman Is Traveling To After Filming The Last Episode of Bay Yanlış (Mr. Wrong)?

Turkish actor Can Yaman finished filming the last episode of Bay Yanlış "Mr. Wrong" series last Monday.

Turkish media reported that Yaman is preparing to travel to Italy to be hosted as a guest of honor on one of the shows on Italian channel TV5.



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The series has received lots of criticism after it lost itsa viewers to the series Sen Çal Kapımı "You Knock on My Door."

In Bay Yanlış "Mr. Wrong," Can Yaman sported a short haircut after he sported a bushy beard and long locks look for his previous series The Early Bird.

Yaman played Özgür Atasoy ,who owns a nightclub, then he meets Ezgi Inal played by co-star Özge Gürel.

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