Scandal in ceLeb-ville! Is the single Haifa Wehbe pregnant?

Published November 30th, 2012 - 12:55 GMT
Is Lebanon's mature sex-kitten pregnant?
Is Lebanon's mature sex-kitten pregnant?

While still a married woman, Lebanese super-star Haifa Wehbe insisted she was not pregnant when baby rumors surfaced.  Now divorced from Egyptian Ahmad Abu Hashima, the singer is being hit by the pregnancy rumors once more. Apparently, the single pop-diva is preggers by her ex-husband, if the wild gossip is to be believed.

The rumor that Haifa was with child took hold after fortune teller and astrologer Layla Abdel Latif predicted last week on Lebanese channel LBC that the beauty would not be spending her life alone after her divorce from business tycoon. Now, you don't have to be invested with special powers to predict the sex-pot would not have to roam single for long, so of course, many took this to suggest remarriage, or a rekindled flame, but the online Sayidaty edition now reports that Haifa is an expectant mother.

What lent the rumor legs was the fact that seductress Haifa has disappeared from the scene since her divorce and most unusually, not known for being Twitter-shy, has barely communicated with her fans online. Twitter has long since become the playful singer's lifeline. 

In addition, a press conference scheduled to announce Haifa's latest duty of care as ambassador for the Zagheeb Line of Jewelry has been postponed for unknown reasons. The plot thickens as does, possibly, her tiny waist-line, leaving us asking if Haifa is set to become a mother again.

The mature sex-icon that still turns Arab warriors to quivering wrecks, is not new to life as a single mother, though her first ex-husband - who lives in Kuwait- has mainly retained custody of their daughter Zeinab. Maybe, the newly turned grandmother will have the chance to sing hits from her 'Baby Haifa' collection to family audience of grandaughter and newborn, soon enough.


Tell us what you think? Is Haifa Pregnant or just staying low after her divorce?

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