Marrying rich is Haifa Wehbe's old-fashioned secret

Published July 24th, 2012 - 09:48 GMT
Haifa Wehbe
Haifa Wehbe

It may not be news that Haifa Wehbe is rich. Nor even a surprise that she doesn't make all her wealth from that voice.  But Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe has been named the 'richest Arab female artist', on a different scale of economy. Not through her own endeavors and success, like say her singing career or commercial work, but rather through the men in her life.

The old-fashioned way of becoming rich

According to the Egyptian newspaper Al Gomhoriyah, it is estimated that Haifa’s fortune has reached a staggering USD 64 million. Haifa, says the report, incidentally rumored to be in the process of divorce, banked her big bucks from a privileged combo of past partners and current. Enter, the men in Haifa's life.  Apparently, she obtained multi-figured wealth through her ex-fiancé, the late Saudi businessman Tareq Al Jafali, and her current husband Egyptian tycoon Ahmad Abu Hashimah.

Haifa was once engaged to Mr. Jafali (since deceased) who lived his years as a very affluent young heir and demonstrated his own worth through a dowry proferred to his fiance that amounted to over USD 4 million.  Add to that, as her suitor did,  luxury diamond-decked and gold-garnished pieces to set one's material pulse racing.

When the arguably hasty Haifa married next lucrative conquest Ahmad, he presented her with a USD 20 million dowry and - in a converse prenup -  a  promised USD 40 million should divorce come down the line.

Haifa, worth her weight in gold and wheels, is said to own a Ferrari, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz and a lioness's share of very pricey real estate slices.

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