"Tonight with Hani" comedian actor is also an upstanding Egyptian citizen

Published May 22nd, 2013 - 07:58 GMT
Hani Ramzi takes the judicial stand
Hani Ramzi takes the judicial stand

The “Tonight with Hani” show host hit up an Egyptian Supreme Court conference in an effort to modify segments of the current judicial system. The comedian actor joined up with other celebs from the country at one of Cairo’s most fabulous hotels because he knows that if you want to see improvement, you gotta take a stand, spilling the truth that supporting the judicial system is a civil duty for all Egyptians who are calling for change.

Hani’s presence was totes appreciated, and he was recognized as being one of the celebrities close to the heart’s of the country’s citizens. His influence could likely make a difference.

Director Khaled Yousif, actor Hamdi Ahmad, author Lamis Jaber, and journalist Jihan Mansour were just a few the other famous peeps that also accepted the official conference invite.

Will Hani be the change he wants to see in the world? Please share your comments below.

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