Khaled Salim shares all on "Tonight with Hani"

Published April 24th, 2013 - 01:59 GMT
Khaled Salim shares all on "Tonght with Hani"
Khaled Salim shares all on "Tonght with Hani"

Fans of Khaled Salim will have more than daytime eating to look forward to after Ramadan because the Egyptian singer plans to release his new album just after the holy month.

On the set of MBC’s "Al Laylah Ma Hani" (Tonight with Hani), Khaled shared all things personal, professional, and political with show host Hani Ramzi.

Back in college, Khaled said that he was the nickname "Khaled Arabesque", which has stuck with him ever since.

After sharing that he’s on the verge of completing his post-Ramadan surprise album, Khaled said he’s also enjoying the other side of his career in the acting world. He will be making an appearance in two upcoming television dramas, according to

Khaled went political when he shared a message with the Egyptian president, "Have mercy on those on Earth, and God will have mercy on you", referring to the exaggerated increase in prices and the disputes between politics and religion that is creating instability in the country and causing unrest.

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