Feast your eyes on Hayat Al Fahd and Suad Abdullah together at Ramadan

Published April 2nd, 2013 - 09:53 GMT
Hayat and Suad together
Hayat and Suad together

After a 20-year hiatus, legendary Kuwaiti actresses Hayat Al Fahd and Suad Abdullah are working together again on a new drama that will be played during Ramadan. It seems these leading ladies have settled their differences as they star in a production that will be sure to appease the hunger of fans this Ramadan.

Hayat and Suad made it big together and shined their way through the Kuwaiti film industry. Over time, they built their individual boxes of success and weren't seen on the same small screen for many years.

“The right script for us to work together again has not yet been created,” they had claimed.

Well, if that’s true, then Kuwaiti residing, Lebanese producer, Amer Al Sabah of ‘Sabah Pictures’ must be the most talented (or richest) of his kind in 20 years. It’s certainly not been for lack of trying by production companies in the past. Both Hayat and Suad will receive half a million dollars for starring in “Al Bait Bait Abouna” (The house is our Father’s House).

Amer said he had dreamed for years of seeing the ladies work together and that his goal was to present a drama that would leave its mark in the world of television. He will have the exclusive right to market the drama to the satellite channel of his choice.

 “Al Bait Bait Abouna” is sure to be the  highlight of the Ramadan season.


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