Hilmi Baker composes for Nancy Ajram

Published October 13th, 2007 - 04:59 GMT

It seems that the Egyptian composer Hilmi Baker who has composed beautiful song through his career has stopped criticizing new singers. Baker has decided to go back to composing after being away from it for five years.

 At this moment Baker is preparing for a great surprise for those who like his style of music. Baker is composing two songs for the famous Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram that will be included in her new album. One of the songs that are being composed by Baker is written by him as well and the other by the poet Baha Al Deen Muhammad called “Inta Ya”.

 According to the London daily Elaph, Baker points out that he is a fan of Nancy Ajram and describes her as holding a unique and beautiful voice. He also adds that through her songs she captured the heart of old and young alike. Baker also points out that working with Nancy frees him from all accusation that he refuses to work with new and young singers.


He also adds that those who accused him have forgotten that he is the one who discovered the young singer Manal. Baker also composed the song “Eh El Azama Di Kolaha” for the famous Lebanese singer Walid Tawfiq, which was the starting point for his fame. Baker has no trouble working with any new singer as long as that singer has the right voice and talent.

 On the other hand Nancy has chosen the song “Mtakhdsh Fe Balak” (Don’t Worry About It) to add to her new album that she’s working on.

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