Hind Al-Qahtani Makes an Angry Appearance Following Imprisonment Rumors.. Video

Published May 30th, 2021 - 11:03 GMT
 Hind Al-Qahtani Makes an Angry Appearance Following Imprisonment Rumors Rayan Jailer and Yasser Al-Faisal jail

Saudi social media star Hind Al-Qahtani has attacked both Rayan Jailer and Yasser Al-Faisal, after spreading rumors about arresting her for exploiting her children on social media.

Al-Qahtani posted several videos attacking everyone who spread those rumors, led by famous Snapchat critic, Yasser Al-Faisal.

Hind responded to Yasser and said: "Tell this cursed person that if he has a shred of manliness or credibility, let him reveal the fake report claiming to be on the US government website, as long as anyone can check it, as he puts it, but he can't, you know why, Because, as usual, he is a liar and has no credibility."

Al-Qahtani added: "Look at the liar what he wrote with confidence! He is the most dishonorable person on social media. I do not know how to believe a psycho who cannot reveal his identity, even his pictures are taken from the Internet."

Hind also attacked Saudi social media star Rayan Jailer, describing him as malicious and sick, and confirmed in a video that the picture of the report is fake, and called on God to afflicts him with intellectual and physical disability, and made it clear that he provokes the audience through his claims that he sympathizes with her, which is the exact opposite.

Then she commented that Rayan is more cow than Yasser.


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