Hossam Habib SHARPLY Attacks His Father & Nidal Al-Ahmadieh for Trying to Destroy His Marriage to Sherine (Video)

Published June 30th, 2021 - 07:24 GMT
Hossam Habib SHARPLY Attacks His Father & Nidal Al-Ahmadieh for Trying to Destroy His Marriage to Sherine (Video)

Egyptian artist Hossam Habib has confirmed that the leaked recording belongs to his father, Hussain Habib.

Hossam said that people close to him are involved in trying to distort his relationship with wife Sherine, and these people seek to keep Sherine as a goal of their personal interests.

Habib stressed that there's a professional company which manages Sherine's work, he has nothing to do with it.

Hossam said: "I married Sherine Abdel Wahab, and she is the most successful star in the Arab world, and she does not need anyone to tell her what to do, and she is older than me in the field," stressing that Sherine is aware of that, and that she will not surrender herself to anyone.

He added regarding those who seek to ruin their family: "They will not stop doing that, because their interests have stopped, and the tap has been shut, and these are abnormal human beings, and no one has the right to interfere in the relationship between me and my wife, even the closest people to me."

The Egyptian singer and composer also revealed that this is not the first time that a person close to him has hurt him, and that he feels sorry to talk about him despite their closeness, telling that person 'it's enough', and if he continues to do so, he will resort to law.


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In another video, Hossam Habib exposed Lebanese journalist Nidal Al-Ahmadieh and shared a recording of her voice confessing that she and her team were behind staging Hossam's father, and leaking his statements to the media.

In the recording shared by Hossam, Nidal was heard saying: "This is not a journalist.. We infiltrated this man in our own way.. We spent 6 months working on the matter.. Because we have information, but we don't have evidence.. This investigative work requires that we breach the other if he is unjust.. He took the hit and confessed everything."

Then, Hossam Habib directed a question to Nidal Al-Ahmadieh, wondering how is investigative work could be aimed at penetrating a person's life, and spreading scandals to the public.

He also accused Nidal's work of being suspicious, telling her "You will pay a lot for this investigative work."


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