Hudda Haddad gives Michele Qazi a white dove

Published October 15th, 2007 - 11:48 GMT

Lebanese singer Hudda Haddad just recorded a new song at a studio in Cairo. The new song will be released as a solo single in celebration of the upcoming New Years. The lyrics are written by poet Hani Abed Al Karim, composed by Walid Saed and distributed by Midhat Khamis.


The song’s name has been changed twice, in the beginning it was called “Ba-Allah Alik” (For God’s Sake) and now it was changed into “Youm Baed Youm” (Day After Day). The new song will be filmed into a video clip in the upcoming few days.

 According to the London daily Elaph, Hudda recently held three concerts during the three Eid’s nights at the Vermont Hotel in Dubai in Zildrlar Restaurant. She revealed that she’ll be filming another clip for another song from her first album called “Qalbi Eli Kan” (That Was My Heart). The song was written by Naser Al Jalil and composed by Mahmoud Khayami. ARM Production Company will be producing the clip.

 Hudda was recently a guest on the television show “Ya Abyad Ya Aswad” (White Or Black) that is hosted by the famous Lebanese journalist Michele Qazi on “Al Mustaqbal” ‘Future’ satellite channel. Haddad surprised the host of the show by giving him a present, and it was a ‘white dove’. Hudda has named her white dove “Salam” ‘Peace’ and Michele Qazi made a promise to Hudda that he would keep the dove in the studio to participate in every episode.

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