Hunaidi in a Khaleji Role.

Published July 18th, 2007 - 12:05 GMT

The Production Company Rotana has made its first appearance in the film industry by producing the new Egyptian movie “Andalib El Doqi” starting Egyptian comedian Muhammad El Hunaidi. The movie has reopened the doors for movies aimed for the young generation.

 The movie, which has a budget of 20 million Egyptian Pounds, has been launched in theaters. The production company Rotana has entered a major competition with well-known production companies. In his new movie Hunaidi plays two roles of twin brothers. The first role is the brother Fowzi who likes to sings even though he has a bad voice.

According to the Qatari daily Al Raya, Hunadi finds out that he is the son of a khaleji (Gulf) man and that he has a twin brother who lives with his father.


Hunaidi (Fawzi) decides to go to Dubai and look for his father and brother (Fawaz). Hunaidi’s character Fawzi faces lots of problems with his brother Fawaz. However; the message of the movie that Hunadi tries to reach, is that all Arabs should be united and fight against their enemies. Hunaidi also wants the Arabs to live under one country.

    Most of the scenes are filmed in the Emirates capital Dubai. The secret behind choosing this specific khaleji city is that the character of Fawaz is khaleji and it didn’t matter which khaleji country.

 Hunaidi faced problems while filming like the unbeatable heat, which he wasn’t used to in Egypt. The other thing that gave him a hard time is playing the two roles where he had to imagine that he’s talking to the other character. Since Hunadi played both twins he had to keep changing his clothes, where sometimes he would change over twenty times for one scene.

 One of the new faces that play a major role in the movie is new Syrian face Hiba Noor. This film was Hiba’s first work in the Egyptian Cinema and in the movies in general. The Kuwaiti comedian Dawood Hussein also played a major role in the film. He was the Hindi (Indian) maid who was the only witness in knowing that Fawzi and Fawaz are twins.

 The movie “Andaleeb El Doqi” was written by Ayman Bahjat Qamar and produced by Wael Ihsan, who has produced other films for Muhammad Hunadi and it.

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