ISIS are Israeli agents and Obama is the leader of an international gang? Those are Shaabola's new song lyrics!

Published February 26th, 2015 - 10:00 GMT
Shaabola attacks ISIS once again with harsh song lyrics. (Image: Albawaba file)
Shaabola attacks ISIS once again with harsh song lyrics. (Image: Albawaba file)

Egyptian folk singer Shaaban Abdel Rahim, AKA "Shaabola," has had a long-standing war with ISIS, which first kicked off after he wrote a song attacking the terrorist group.

ISIS then threatened to assassinate the singer, which he laughed off with yet another song.

Some of its lyrics read: "They want to kill me, what? are they trying to scare me, they want to kidnap me and Islam Khalil because we love Egypt and hate Israel."

Shaabola's creative juices were flowing once again after ISIS brutally murdered 21 Egyptian Copts in Libya in February.

In response to the killings, the patriotic singer released a new song titled "Mesh Nehna Elli Bnendebeh Ya Btou' Hal' Housh" (We Are Not the Ones Who Get Slaughtered).

The lyrics challenged ISIS by making it clear that Egyptians are strong and aren't afraid of them.

Shaabola told ISIS that they're the real cowards, since Egyptians fought them without covering their faces or burning anyone alive, ISIS-style.

He also accused them of "serving America and Israel," and warned that Egyptian people aren't easy to defeat.

Shaabola didn't spare Qatar and Turkey from his insults either, calling them traitors and referring to US President Obama as the "gang's leader." 

You can listen to the song, in Arabic, below!


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