Jada Pinkett Smith Supports a Moroccan Woman in Full Islamic Clothing While Kickboxing (Video)

Published August 1st, 2021 - 09:37 GMT
Jada Pinkett Smith Arab Muslim kickboxing hijab headscarf convert Islam Morocco

American actress Jada Pinkett Smith has sparked controversy again regarding her religion.

After adopting different styles of headwraps and turbans due to suffering from hair loss, many followers on social media believe that Jada is on a spiritual journey and experiencing Islam, especially when she pairs headscarves with covering abayas.

And few hours ago, Pinkett Smith has supported an Arab-Muslim woman on Instagram sporting an Islamic covering clothing from head-to-toe while kickboxing.

The woman in the video showed some extraordinary professional moves fighting against her coach.

The Red Table Show host was stunned by the woman's skills as she captioned the video:

'What’s that old saying? Oh yeah .. don’t judge a book by its cover. She got hands.'

She also tagged the boxing coach whose name is 'Rzouga' according to his Instagram bio.

Watching Rzouga's videos and listening to his dialect, he sounded Moroccan, assuming that the woman in the video is Moroccan too.

Jada Pinkett Smith's followers on Instagram couldn't agree more with her as they left thousands of comments hailing the hijabi woman.

Hijabi follower @sheisimanib wrote: 'I need people to get very familiar with Muslim women in hijab. We do MANY amazing things in the world! #OppressedWhere.'

While @kenyanailcreations commented: 'Proud to see as a Muslim woman.'

Others left comments like:

@meelahfromdastuy_____718: 'She Got Hands Taqbir Allahuakbar, Taqbir Allahuakbar, Taqbir Allahuakbar yeahhhhhh Ukti'

@sexxi_s: 'Don’t let the Hijab fool you'

@tanikaray: 'When’s her Olympic round!! I want to support her!! Yes girl!!!'

@scarletsofiaspencer: 'Love this so much!!!! GET IT!!!'

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