Kerem Bürsin Stars on Vogue Turkey August's Edition and Discusses Issues Close to His Heart

Published August 12th, 2021 - 08:39 GMT
Kerem Bürsin Stars on Vogue Turkey August's Edition and Discusses Issues Close to His Heart

Two months after Turkish actress Hande Erçel was the star of Vogue Turkey, the magazine has selected Erçel's hubby, Kerem Bürsin, as the cover star for August 2021's edition.

A few days ago, Vogue Türkiye has posted a series of photos from the shoot they conducted with Bürsin, and shared them with their nearly half a million followers on Instagram.

Kerem looked spontaneous in the five-image post as he sported an unbuttoned dark-navy shirt, paired with white pants and sneakers. The Magazine titled the issue 'Mr. Vogue'.

In another post, Vogue Turkey shed light on one of Kerem's hobbies; Photography.

The magazine filmed Kerem between the bushes and animals in an eighties-themed short film.

With his interview with Vogue, Kerem said that he likes to take photos as a hobby; as well as acting and producing.

The actor expressed his passion for photography and said: 'There is something I do and I hope so; We heard this from books and movies. They say life passes before your eyes like a film strip before you die. If this is true, I close my eyes and say to myself, (this is the moment, record this and see it in the last moments). I take these kinds of pictures with my brain.'

Bürsin added: 'When you go out to take pictures, you see things you don't normally see. It's time to get grounded for me to take pictures. I come out of the 'I', I turn to what interests me. I see the beauty and value of that other thing.'

And today, the star of Sen Çal Kapimi himself shared yet another 'Backstreet-Boys-vibe' image from Vogue Turkey photoshoot, as he called it, he also gave an advice to his fans' Stay classy friends'.

We already know that Kerem Bürsin is not only a man with good looks and talented skills, as he has already declared it more than once that he's a human who cares about world issues.

With Vogue, Kerem opened up about standing against the patriarchal system, as well as  investigating and speaking out the injustices experienced by women in this world, and of course, climate crisis.

'Everywhere is burning. Even the sea is burning. Factory wastes are still scattered around. We are talking about going to space, what are we doing about here now? We have a beautiful world. Can't we use space for another purpose? Let's throw this garbage there, for example? A country for example, let's not take over the garbage of another country, maybe let's use space as a remedy, find a way to hide the garbage there. Change starts with the society. You can reach millions quickly to talk about important issues thanks to social media/ The real change happens when people rise up for a cause.'

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