More than just talkin' the talk! Khaled Youssef walks the walk and elects himself in the Egyptian Parliamentary elections

Published August 25th, 2014 - 11:26 GMT
Will "Engineer" Youssef win his District's upcoming Parliamentary elections? (Image: Facebook)
Will "Engineer" Youssef win his District's upcoming Parliamentary elections? (Image: Facebook)

Some celebs get politically involved by merely voicing their opinions on social media, while others feel that actions speak louder than words, much like Egyptian director Khaled Youssef does, who has decided to run in the upcoming Egyptian parliamentary elections in his home District of Kufur Syukur.

If you happen to be cruising around Youssef's District, you'll see a load of his campaign posters all over the streets of Kufur Syukur, complete with his name "Engineer Khaled" in bold, reports Laha Magazine.

The title was given to Youssef by his loyal supporters, who many accused of being ashamed of the career path he'd chosen as a Director, and supposedly chose to boost him up as an Engineer instead.

However, Khaled quickly came to his supporters' defense by stressing that they're proud of his showbiz career, and calling him an "engineer" doesn't suggest otherwise!

Meanwhile, the director has put his upcoming film project on hold in order to focus all his precious time on his election campaign.

Khaled will resume working on "Burj Al Hamam" once the elections are over. Here's to hoping they're worth it and a win is on the horizon!

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