Marianne Khalat and Yuri Mrakadi arrested for worshipping the devil

Published March 12th, 2003 - 02:00 GMT

The vast spread of the loathsome and fanatic faith of devil worshipping among Lebanese has caused public concern for many. There are no exact figures on how many people have been arrested on charges of devil worship, but news reports have indicated dozens of arrests over the past several months. 


According to the London based Elaph, rumors had it that a large number among those who were arrested are well-known artists like Lebanese TV announcer Marianne Khlat and Lebanese singer Yuri Mrakadi. In response to the allegations, the managing office for Yuri announced that the singer was having dinner with friends on the night a group of devil-worshipers were arrested. It was added that the news of Yuri being released on bail is not true. 


Close contacts to Marianne have denied all rumors saying the announcer is presently in Dubai shooting scenes for a special event that is to be aired on LBC. It was added that Yuri and Marianne will be working together on a new play, which marks a first time experience for the two. 


The Lebanese press has been publishing news and features on the issue of the widespread popularity of devil worshipping, particularly among disparate individuals, during the past couple of years.  


The Lebanese intellectuals, too, have intervened, asking for providing sufficient mind food for the youth and appropriate cultural enlightenment, in order to counter this extremely hazardous trend. It was revealed that followers have killed themselves either by shooting themselves, or by cutting their veins.  


The Lebanese journalists who have done research on the phenomenon say these people have team houses in various cities, towns and villages across Lebanon, in which they throw wild parties where sex and drinking alcohol abounds. It is in such parties that the simple-minded new victims are attracted towards the loathsome faith, one of whose awkward beliefs is that the earth is the hellish realm of God, whereas the skies are the celestial abide of Satan and his followers, eternally.  


Nevertheless, heightened media attention, rumors and the Interior Ministry’s own media efforts have led to widespread panic, prompting the ministry to issue a statement in which it sought to allay public fears. This phenomenon, which is plaguing more than one country in the world, also exists in Lebanon. 


Among the rumors circulating was the kidnapping of children who were supposedly killed so their heart could be extracted for sacrifice. – 

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